Let it Snow!

Early snow fall over the Alpes

So here we are, almost December and the Alpes are still looking quite bare. I took this picture whilst flying to Paris Beauvais and whilst I’m always excited to see one the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world sprinkled with snow, I can’t help feeling that winter is virtually upon us, my skis are waxed and ready, I already seen all of this years ski movies at least 3 times and yet there still isn’t so much snow. This is my plea to all of my readers to do everything within your power to make it snow. Whatever you believe in, I don’t care… you could light a candle, say a prayer or do a snow dance under a full moon whilst chanting to the snow Gods, lets work together to bring winter to Europe in a big way this year!

If all of that fails, I guess there’s nothing left but to book a flight to my old hunting ground on the West Coast of Canada. Once again Whistlerites are being blessed by the power of the Pacific North-West weather systems. Just bring your avalanche gear because you’re going to need it!

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