Be smart: Avalanche safety kit

imageWe all share a responsibility to ski or snowboard responsibly and not pose a threat to ourselves or others. This means that we should carry the correct safety equipment, and encourage others to do the same.

Here is the equipment that I carry into the backcountry (off-piste):

Scott Avalance PackThis pack uses the Alpride technology airbag, an extremely light inflation system. The pack is easy to carry when travelling by air, has a host of useful features and and comfortable to wear.

Arva snow safety equipment

The Arva Neo transceiver is one of the best out there, with a 60m range and intuitive design.

Arva Compact 2.40m probe.

Arva Mini Ovo Light Shovel.

Please click on on the blue text to be directed to the manufacturers websites.


Once again, I’d like to thank the people that continue to help me out by providing me with the latest and best kit. It’s an honor to work with both Scott and Arva.










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