LINE: new ski sponsor

Magnum Opus

Slashing for Line Skis UK in Stockholm, Sweden.


I am officially a member of the Line UK team once again! I’m stoked to say that I’ll be representing the freshest company in freeskiing.

My new weapon (ski) of choice is the Magnum Opus. So far I have taken them out for a slash turn or two in Stockholm and they are awesome. Can’t wait to see what they can do when conditions get seriously DEEP! The Magnum Opus is the creation of my greatest role model, Eric Pollard and is his greatest work to date. Here is a video about the skis.

Thank you to Simon Smith from 2feet for recruiting me. Your support is always appreciated. That also goes  to my other sponsors, Scott-sports, Marker bindings, Dalbello boots and Arva mountain safety equipment.


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