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My name is Darryl Ball and I’m a Freeskier, Trail Runner and Airline Pilot. This blog has all info about me, what I’m up to, where I’m skiing, and hopefully some interesting content as well.

After graduating from university as an Aerospace Engineer, I chose to pursue my dreams and travel the world as a Freeskier, basing myself in Whistler, Canada and Wanaka, New Zealand. I coached Whistler Freeride Club and the Switch Academy in Snowpark NZ. I also made numerous magazine appearances and took part in competitions.

These days I have a full-time job as a pilot, but I still manage to shred the slopes during the winter.  You can see me in many UK ski magazines, in particular the Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Magazine.

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Feel free to contact me about photoshoots, sponsorship opportunities, or if you just want to meet up and go skiing.

email: darryl.mark.ball@gmail.com
skype: darryl.ball
instagram: darrylmarkball
Vimeo: darrylball

Photo: Adrian Myers

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