Trail Running

Over recent years I have been developing an interest in natural running. Initially it was a form of training in preparation for winter but now fitness and trail running have become more of an obsession. I have been possessed by the challenges of competition and the joy of nature. Here are my results to date:

4.2km: Sickla Trail Run Oct 2014, 22:45 (12th place)

10km: Topploppet 2014 Stockholm, 37:45 (2nd place)

22km: Åda Wild Boar Race 2014, Trosa 2:00:19 (10th place)

30km: Lidingöloppet 2014, 2:05:44 (190th place)

42km: Hammarbyalpinmarathon 2013, 3:55 (5th place)

50km: Lidingö Ultramarathon 2014, 3:39:16 (6th place)

90km: Vasa Ultramarathon 2014, Mora, 8:05:03 (47th place)


Upcoming events:

53km Åda Wild Board Race 18th April 2015

50km Lidingö Ultramarathon 3rd May 2015

90km Vasa  Ultramarathon 22nd August 2015

30km LidingöLoppet 26th September 2015


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