Scott Skis

These guys have supported me out a lot. Thank you so much. Follow the link below to see all of the awesome gear available from Scott.


Dan Carr

Amazing photographer that I’ve been working close with. He lives in Canada and is easily one of the best action photographers in the world. Dan has taken a lot of the pictures on this website.

Luke Potts

Luke Potts is my bro from way back. We grew up on the same dry slope in the UK (although I was a few years older), then migrated to the mountains of Canada and New Zealand together. I’m not going to go into too much detail, but believe me when I say that we’ve been through a lot! Now he is living his dream in stunning New Zealand and I am totally stoked for him!

Emelie Jobson Ball

Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Photographer. The creator of this website. And my wife.

Dane Tudor

Sick skier and a good friend. Since our time living together in NZ, Dane has progressed into one of the biggest names in freeskiing and he deserves every bit of it! Whats most inspiring about Dane is that he is always pumped to go skiing and push his limits, and the boundaries of the sport. He learns at least one new trick every day. I can’t even begin to guess what he’ll be throwing down this winter, but I can guarantee it’ll take your breath away! Check him out in the latest Poor Boyz movie, The Grand Bizarre.

Adrian Myers

Great photographer. Adrian has taken a lot of the pictures on this website.


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